We have a great range of quality food available to buy in our shops and our selection is always changing. Much of the produce we sell is from local suppliers. For instance, we stock ham, bacon and sausages from free-range pigs reared at Kelmscott; organic milk, cream and butter from Wroughton; honey from hives in Wiltshire, doughnuts hand-baked in Swindon, plus local ales, cider, wines, liqueurs, cured meats, pies, fresh real bread, cheeses, mustards, preserves, oils and dressings to name but a few.

We have been able to provide many small local producers with a high street presence for the first time and the demand from our customers often outstrips supply!

We also stock quality national and international produce such as some of the finest olives, biscuits, olive oil, coffee, tea chocolate, preserves and pickles money can buy. If there’s anything you’d like us to stock, please feel free to ask…


We always offer a wide collection of very different cheeses from home and abroad including some great English specialities. There are too many to mention but here’s a small selection to whet your appetite:

Oxford Blue - this creamy semi-soft blue cheese has won numerous awards

Donge Brie de Meaux – wins awards year after year and a customer favourite

Barkham Blue – smooth buttery texture and rich blue taste – melts in the mouth

Quicke’s Double Gloucester - produced using traditional methods, a subtle buttery yet tangy flavour

Rosary Goats Cheese – a tasty soft cheese with a smooth creamy texture and from Wiltshire!

Barber's 1833 Vintage Reserve Cheddar - use of traditional starter cultures gives a rich broad flavour

Lyburn Gold - made in Salisbury this is a mellow, sweet cheese with a moist, supple texture

Wild Garlic Yarg- a popular and young semi-hard Cornish cheese, giving a delicate mild and creamy flavour.

Delicatessen cheese

Sloe gin

Delicatessen cheese


Local honey

Local produce

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